​Fu You To, was shown at On Safari 2013 and he received 4 finals, if he was 8 months old he would have received the title of Champion, but being he was only 4 1/2 months old he only gets  points.
He received 285  points at his first show at On Safari.
The classes was a very big class of 41 kittens.
(Fu You To) received 2nd best Bengal kitten and also received Breeders Best Whisker pads out of the entire Bengal kittens WoW !that was something. He was quite the trooper, it was a 4 day show and he handled himself  very well.
Fu You To at 6 weeks old
                   At On Safari 2013 Reno NV.
Judge Carlos Lopez ( Specialty Breed ) from Brazil gave
         Fu You To 6th place out of a class of 41 kittens
Fu You To at On Safari, received 2nd Best Kitten out of 39 kittens in his class, He also received Breeders Best Whiskers pads. He was quite the trooper, it was a 4 day show and he did very well.
Sonoita Indulge SBT 09202014
One of Fu You son's
Fu You To Sonoita is now a 
At his first cat show ! he became a Double Grand Champion
In Arcadia California August 10-11 2013 at the Kat Knappers Cat Club
He received
​8 Finals !
Number One Best Cat out of a class of 29 cats Judge ( Teresa Kempton )
Two First Specialty Breed out of 17 cats Judge ( Rene Knapp ) and Judge ( Jim Armele ) Specialty Breed out of 17 cats 
One Second  place out of 18 cats Judge (Teresa Kempton ) Specialty Breed
Two Third place class's one class of 17 cats Judge ( Sharon Kalani ) Specialty Breed and
 Judge (Clint Knapp ) Specialty Breed out of 16 cats
​Seventh place out of 32 cats Judge ( Jay Bengals )
Ninth place out of 32 Judge (Rene Knapp ) Specialty Breed
Award                Final             Count              Judge             Points            Total
1.                         1                     29                   TK                   228                 228
2.                        1S                   17                    RK                   166                 394
3.                        1S                   17                    JA                    166                 560
4.                        7                     32                   JB                    165                  725
5.                       2S                   18                    TK                   156                  881
6.                       3S                   17                    SK                    144                 1025
7.                       9                     32                    RK                   143                 1168
8.                      3S                   16                    CK                    143                 1311
​Fu You To Sonoita became a Grand Champion at his first show,he received 8 Finals
Grand Total Points for this first show 1,311

Angelsiam Fu YoU To of Sonoita SBT 110312 011
Fu You with my daughter, the judge gave him best cat.    
Fu You To 
Triple Grand Champion
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