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Nutrition For Bengals  Life Abundance Cat Food
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Skin & Coat Formula Supplements, 
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Dry, flaky skin or a dull, brittle coat
Oily, foul smelling skin or a matted coat
Thin coat, excessive hair loss or red, blotchy skin Excessive scratching (especially, seasonally)
I also feed a raw chicken diet 
This is my recipe 
Grind up 10 lbs of chicken hind quarters legs and thighs and bones
2 lb chicken liver
2 lb chicken heart
1- Large can Pumpkin 
4- eggs
2 cups water
Bring water to boil, after water comes to boil, remove from burner 
Add all the gel capsules to the water, stir until dissolve
Add egg to water, stir until the eggs thicken.
 Add 1 Tbsp. iodized sea salt to water
Add 4 salmon gel capsule
Add 4 B Complex 800 or 1000 mil
4 Gel Vitamin E (800 mil ) 
You can get all above supplements at Wal Mart
4 Skin & Coat Formula Supplements
Grind meat, liver and hearts all together in large pan,  add all other ingredients to mixture of the ground chicken. 
Mix everything together thoroughly. Divide mixture into 2lbs. portions and freeze  
I start out feed the cats with about 1/4 cup. Give them more if they will eat it at one sitting.
I purchase a grinder to grind the raw chicken, bones and all at One Stop Jerky Shop
These containers are the one's that I use
to put the ground recipe into. 
It is our responsibility to take the absolute best care of our beloved cats  and thus feed them the best food possible. 
This food is Made in the USA, formulated by a Nationally Recognized Holistic Vet, 
is very safe for our beloved cats and has NEVER been part of any food recalls. 
Not many cat food manufacturers can truthfully claim this! Just one can of wet food or one serving 
of dry food that is contaminated or tainted can greatly harm or kill a cat.
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I highly recommend this cat food and suggest that
you keep your kitten/cat on this food. If you change their diet it will upset their digestive track. 
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All Life Stage Cat Food, dry cat kibble 
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Effective products to help them lead more fulfilling and abundant lives. 
My cats and kittens are very healthy and to help maintain their excellent health I require that the kitten or cat purchased from my cattery be kept on the same healthful, 
safe "human grade" food he/she is on here. I feed all of my cats and kittens Life's Abundance Dry and Supplements
VM 900+3 with Taurine
Formulated with 15 Vitamins, 10 Minerals &Taurine Proven Essential in the Feline dite!
SUPPLEMENTS: I also highly recommend that you add these supplements to their diet. 
I supplement my cats and kittens with Kitty Bloom Products. To check out the products click onto the above banner 
​Taurine The domestic Bengal Cat’s wild ancestor, the Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) needs 1500 mg daily of Taurine, which is an amino acid.  
Bengal's need some amount per day supplemented because other domestic cats need only 500 mg daily and that amount is what 
commercial cats foods provide. Give approximately 250 mg per day or 1/2 teaspoon per day when they are an adult, half that amount to a kitten.
Kitty Bloom VM 900+3
Formulated with 15 Vitamins, 10 Minerals & Taurine Proven Essential in the Feline dite!
Beckie at Sundial Bengals is a sales rep for Kitty Bloom Products. She also shows and breed's Bengals.
Can be ordered at Sundail Bengal Cats web site. I feel it is the healthiest cat supplements available. 
~ Expected Litters ~
~ What We Feed Nutrition For Bengals ~