Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion
Explore has a Regional Winner Supreme Grand Championship title, Alex Chisholm gave him a Best Cat.
Sno Explorer received another Best Cat from Adriana Kajon and judge Sharon Kalani. 
He also received 10th Best All breed from Vickie Shields and 5th Best All breed from Hisake Yamada, Explorer has a sweet disposition. 
His colors are brilliant and intense, the judges always commented on his brilliant coat!
Explorer has sired many beautiful kittens and they have gone onto being outstanding show cats, he has out performed excitedly and abundantly above all expectations! 
Seal Mink Spotted
Sno Explore is the sire to both Pearl and Gem my girls
It takes 6000 points to get this title!
Simplysimes Sno Explorer
SBT 062110 010
Variety Seal Mink Spotted
Sex Male
Breed Bengal
Breeder Beth Bearry/Lori Bearry
CH Simplysimes Katshaleen
SBT 081205 018
Brown (Black) Spotted
Calcatta Paloma of Simplysimes
SBT 032906 025
Brown (Black) Spotted
Koppiekatz Silversir
of Simplysimes
SBT 041703 035
Black Silver Spotted
Foothillfelines Madison
SBT 091800 012
Tawny Spotted

Calcatta Pixel
SBT 063002 004
Brown (Black) Spotted

Great Grandparents
Great Great Grandparents
G G G Grandparents
Calcatta's Custom
SBT 031705 067
Starbengal Metalica
 Of Spothaven
SBT 032602 042

Koppiekatz Princess Leah
SBT 102599 003
Foothillfelines Metallica
SBT 081207 001
Junglebook Megan Of Foothillfelines
SBT 031400 012
Silvergenes Splendor Of Starbengal
CON 021101 015
SBT 111100 014
CH Millwood Gigabyte
SBT 101703 003
Calcatta Aftermath
SBT 010304 005
Silvergene's Splendor Of Starbengal

Jumanji Saika Of Spothaven

Luminous Expectaion
Jungelbook Tikki Kikki
SGC Heritage Kimo Of Almaden
Gogees Marshamelo Of Foothillfelines
TGC Nola Voodoo Magic Of Junglebook
RW SGC Junglebook Virtual Reality
Eeyaa Sterling Silver
RW SGC DiCaprio Of Starbengal
CH Millwood Italian Filigree
Koppiekatz Cleopatra Of Calcatta
Millwood Jazz Beat of Aquarius
Jumanji Kilifi
Grandeurbengals Darque Tempest
Silvergene's Son Ascendant
Kitten Agreement
Sonoita Horses